About US

Symantec’s , a Norton Antivirus software is a security software that protects your desktop and laptop and prevents viruses, worms, spyware, and any other harmful viruses from damaging your systems . We are a team of highly qualified and experienced Norton Antivirus Support Provider with a well-skilled Support Team. Antivirus constantly scans your system to protect it while you surf any websites, work on emails or download any files. Norton Antivirus is updated constantly and automatically so that your system remains safe due to frequent software updates to fix issues .

Norton Antivirus is active continuously in your system and it blocks all virus or malware which try to interfere with your system .So if you find that if it is a virus or a worm or something that can damage your system , it will instantly stop it and clear . Norton Antivirus also protects you during online chatting or messaging and also takes care of your critical information being hacked , including username, password and any credit or debit card information.

You can buy Norton Antivirus online from official website norton.com or from local retail stores. If bought online then keep the emails that you got from the seller or if you buy from the local shop then keep the box because these contains the product key of 25 characters. The product key is useful in activation of Norton. Norton Antivirus allow you to manage your device through online Norton account which you need to create at the time of buying or activating . You can add new devices or you can move your Antivirus from one device to another device depending on your need .

Norton installation and Activation are very easy though there are some problems found while installation. If you face any problem you can contact Norton directly or call any independent support providers like us . We have a technical Support team to guide you in case you have any issue or concern during the Norton Antivirus set up process. Our support team is ready to help you 24X7. you can send us an email with your query or questions, one of out expert would reply with solution within 8 hours of receiving the mail .You can also call back on our Toll Free number +44 800 404 8470  for support .