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Malware Removal

One of the services we provide is Monthly scanning of your computer and checking for any malware installed. Our experience has shown that Monthly computer scanning is as necessary as data backup. It is to be noted that the scanning program is a unique project of our programmers; it has been developed and perfected for many years and finally proved to be an excellent tool for computer protection service.

Data Backup

The idea of storing the files, content, and data on the computers is considered to be right and safe. People think that storing the data on the computer will be safe, and there will be no issue regarding it. But have you ever thought that what happens if the machine got some errors? A computer is a portable machine so it can be lost or crashed. You cannot trust on a machine as well. The data in the machine will be lost for always. So backing up the data is very important same as Computer protection. It is practical to have your data stored somewhere so that you can use it in the catastrophes.

Data Encryption

Scripts and files encryption is one the most popular services we provide. The purpose of data encryption is to protect digital data confidentiality as it is stored on computer systems and transmitted using the internet or other computer networks. The outdated data encryption standard (DES) has been replaced by modern encryption algorithms that play a critical role in the security of IT systems and communications.

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